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  • Ready to make an
    inspired choice?

    Get my FREE guided meditation
    and start your journey.

  • We Who Seek


    What is it that we seek?

    Some of us want to know our mission on this planet; some of us simply want to be free of pain.  Some want to recapture the essential joy they have known over time but find illusive in the moment.

    It is hard to understand that complete knowing and flow exists simultaneous to what appears to be the density of everyday life. We find ourselves “up against” something rather than flowing with it. We want to feel whole.

    We look outside ourselves for guidance, clearing, assistance and knowledge. When we use these helpers as stepping-stones we are walking the path of our soul. When we become dependent on someone else’s word, approval or sanction it is hard to find the true meaning of the moment or trust the wisdom that is our own.

    Understanding that density is an illusion; allowing ourselves to realize that we have choice in how our lives and emotions come to fruition; understanding that emotion follows thought, are all key to recapturing the flow of essential energy and attaining the release of old patterns.

    Confusion sometimes arises when we are in touch with the calling of our soul and our soul potential and we find limitation in the physical form. The contrast seems so great between that which is eternally in our makeup and that which is transitory. For a time the transitory has more impact, but our unlimited essence is the truly powerful player.

    Do we need assistance to learn the techniques and have the tools to proceed? Yes. Sometimes it will be mediation tapes; sometimes a teacher of mindfulness or holistic integration; sometimes counseling or therapy; sometimes yoga or art; sometimes the book that pops out at you at the library or bookstore.

    Reach out. Find your way to living a more balanced and joyful life.


    “I got my hopes up so we have to go.”

    A diverse group of children playing basketball.

    This morning I was walking down the street. While passing a young boy and his father, the little one uttered: “I got my hopes up so we have to go.”, in such a matter of fact tone that the unemotional exclamation point of the remark struck me soundly.

    He knew. He knew how simple it is to set a course and take action. How simple it is! Someone had told him something about hopes, and getting them up or not, at some point in his young life. His interpretation was spot on.

    We won’t know whether or not that came true for him, but when we isolate that comment we can take a lot for ourselves. How often do we actually get our hopes up anymore? Do we dare to dream, to create, to take action based on something we have set our sights on. Of course, sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t.  There are many variables that enter the decision-BUT-maybe we should listen to our intuition. Maybe we should listen to the creative insight or plan the way we did when WE were 4. Someone definitely told me about getting my hopes up. Many of us heard: “Don’t get your hopes up….”. This young boy had it right. If you get your hopes up it has to happen. He had decided- he knew on some level that when we aim and hope we had better take heed. He knew that action is possible and we are at the helm. We are powerful creatures. Reach out and Hope!

    Listen to this great TED TALK: As Adora Svitak says- we should listen to kids. Let’s include the kid in ourselves!