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  • Ready to make an
    inspired choice?

    Get my FREE guided meditation
    and start your journey.

  • A remarkable, magical and transformational journey designed just for women.


    What’s the next step on your journey? Let’s find out together!

    In this small group setting we will explore all aspects of being a woman in the world today. Bring heart and mindfulness into your everyday life. Understand your balance of masculine and feminine energy and how to express both. We will move and shake as well as utilize the guided imagery and meditations you have come to love. Most importantly you have the opportunity to express yourself. In this unique format you have both personal space and group connection. Be nurtured and experience the stories of the ages that through us emerge as new. Embark on your very own guided voyage to a joyful, expressive and balanced life.

    Where & When: Each part in The Women's Series is offered in multiple formats throughout the year. For updates, join our list.

    About The Women's Series

    Liz uses the work of Jean Shinoda Bolen,"The Goddesses in Every Woman" as a jumping off point, much like the Myers Briggs or the Enneagram to have you discover what forces are driving you in your life and how to activate even more. Liz's Goddess Archetype Workshops have been helping women have fun and transform their lives for over 20 years. Through an interactive and engaging experience, women “claim their goddess,” and connect with the female archetypes, vibrancy and potential within them. In retreats and workshops, Liz integrates her expertise in psychotherapy, art therapy, and energy work with her passion to help women actualize themselves.

    Whether you are a spiritual seeker or would never dream of even saying the word this group is for you. This program is the best when everyone comes from a different walk of life. Find unity in diversity!

    Groups include lively discussion, work with art materials, guided imagery, movement (based on the ability of the participants). Techniques and topics are subject to change based on innovation and the group that has gathered. Parts II and III often allow the participant the opportunity to participate in topic selection.

    Part I.  A Group for Women About Life

    Experience the Goddess in Everyday Life.

    A Group for Women About Life connects you to and informs you about the goddess archetypes that exist in our lives and often unconsciously guide our behavior such as job choices and intimate relationships.

    We learn the epic tales of the goddesses, we tell our own, we make connection, and we have a deeper understanding of ourselves including what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.

    • Be nurtured and share your thoughts in a non-judgmental setting.
    • Bring balance into your life through guided imagery and meditation.
    • Have fun exploring your creative side – even if you don’t think you have one.
    • Learn how to be in conversation with all part of yourself and be amazed how that impacts your life.
    • Bring a new consciousness to your own contribution as a woman in the 21st century by bringing your own feminine and masculine energies into balance.
    • Find community within the group and more.
    • Explore your own possibilities!

    Women of all ages join this 10 week program for lots of different reasons, but mostly to have a fun in community with other women while diving deep to explore who and where they are in their life journey and to see what may be next.

    Part II. Creating Rites of Passage and Ritual

    Experience the act of honoring rites of passage through ritual, while gathering information about the aspects of our lives in need of honor or reawakening. Increase awareness of your own sacred moments. Learn how to create your own ritual.

    Part III. The Spiritual Way

    Further the journey toward understanding your authentic self.

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    Schedule a Zoom or phone call with Liz to find out more about The Women's Series. You can also call 202-827-3448 or send an email