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  • Ready to make an
    inspired choice?

    Get my FREE guided meditation
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  • Getting to the YOU without the GOO!

    Healing is about change.

    The change that comes when you let go of old thought constructs and allow space for new growth; the change that comes when you honor what has been, what is and what’s possible.

    Often, though, there’s a magnetic pull that attaches us to our past experiences and, especially, to the belief systems we’ve created from those experiences.

    This is what I call GOO – the part of our past experience that has stayed with us and that keeps us in patterns that no longer serve us.

    We all have GOO. It’s simply part of the human condition. It’s not until we bring that GOO into consciousness that we can understand it and work to create new and un-GOOey ways to live our lives.

    Imagine finding yourself unfettered by the stuck feelings we all sometimes have and, instead, walking through life without that weight – that’s what Getting to the YOU without the GOO! is all about.

    Want to get to know your GOO?

    The next time you’re having a conversation, take the opportunity to tune in.

    Are you really listening or are you preparing your response?

    Are you in the current conversation, or recalling a similar conversation from some time ago?

    Are you thinking about the person you are talking with or a person from the past or even a past experience?

    This might be the moment that changes everything.  It’s the moment you realize that what you’re thinking or feeling has nothing to do with the present moment at all, and that those thoughts and feelings are actually directing what happens next.

    Most importantly, this might be the moment when you realize that those GOOey thoughts and feelings are preventing you from living fully.

    When we begin to truly understand where we actually are in a given moment we have the gift of infinite possibility. We have choice!

    In that moment, you can choose to be consciously compassionate with the real YOU – and that’s when you begin to leave the GOO behind.

    P.S. If you happen to be intrigued by the fact that a trained psychotherapist with 30 years in practice is using the term “GOO,” we might just be the perfect match. I will invite much joy and laughter into our work together. 

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