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  • Ready to make an
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  • Couples Counseling

    couples counseling dcThe goal of couples counseling is to feel happy and excited that you are with the person you are with. To know that you will have positive interactions when you talk through problems and concerns and, when the going gets rough, to know that you are in each others’ corner.

    It can be shocking to wake up one day and realize that the person you’re with – the person you chose – is not acting like the same person anymore. It can be even more shocking to realize that you yourself are behaving differently too. It’s even worse when there’s tension, struggle and animosity. Something needs to change.

    I work with couples to help them understand their partnership better, work through challenges and take action toward creating the relationship they want. Within the safety of the counseling sessions, you’ll:

    • Find out what is happening in your relationship and why.
    • Learn ways to communicate for true understanding and collaborative problem solving.
    • Regain the joy you once felt about each other and the relationship.
    • Remember and reconnect with who you are as an individual and within the partnership.

    Whether the issues you are experiencing in your relationship are very serious or you simply want to grow as a couple, schedule a complimentary 20-minute Zoom or phone consultation and find out if couples counseling is right for you.

    Couples Separation & Divorce Counseling

    When you’re at the brink of separation or divorce, counseling can help you find connection, healing and renewal even during this highly stressful time.

    I work with couples to help them part in a caring and healthy manner that preserves the good and creates a new family structure to support this new way of life for all family members.

    My unique method of working with separating or divorcing couples will support you in:

    • Honoring your relationship and parting with respect.
    • Creating and practicing healthy communication skills.
    • Establishing a new family culture and parenting practices.

    The work I do with couples who are in the midst of dissolving their partnership results in an understanding of love and self that’s deeper than either partner could have imagined is possible.

    Going through a separation or divorce with dignity, mindfulness, compassion and clear thinking is the key to entering the next stage of your life without the resentment and anger that most parting couples experience. While there will still be many ups and downs, learning the techniques and tools I teach will enable you to become stronger as individuals, as well as a good co-parenting team.

    In fact, past clients have shared that this process gave them an extraordinary gift.

    Schedule a complimentary 20-minute Zoom or phone consultation to learn more about this special approach to separation and divorce counseling.

    Liz has completed Level2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. She is also a member of IACP, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, is a past board member of DCACP, DC Association of Collaborative Professionals and is trained in Collaborative Divorce.