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  • Ready to make an
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  • Healing Journey


    Liz has helped countless individuals and couples create the authentic and inspired lives they want to live. Learn more about Liz’s whole-person approach to healing and transformation and why she is so passionate about working with you. Watch now.

    The Healing Journey is a program for those in the process of healing from a serious medical condition or injury, or who have been living with a recurrence of symptoms over a long period of time.

    It is also appropriate for people who have survived a significant illness and are continuing to feel the strain of that experience.

    Because the healing process is often long, it can create a situation in which individuals begin to view themselves as a patient rather than a person having the experience of healing.

    This program (held in a variety of formats) is for people who want to gain a deeper connection to their wholeness and their resilience, and a deeper perspective on the experience of healing and what it means to have one’s life interrupted by an unexpected and life-changing event.

    Topics are tailored to meet the needs of the group and explore important questions such as:

    • What does the title of "patient" mean?
    • What is my relationship with my illness/injury/recovery?
    • What is my relationship with the people around me and/or my caregiver(s)?
    • How do I see myself as a caregiver?
    • Where does my energy come from? How can I support it?
    • What is presence? What's the value of being present for healing?
    • Who is this changed person that is me?
    • How do relationships change during the healing process?
    • What are my choices?
    • What is the definition of wellness?
    • What does healing really mean? What do we connect with in order to feel healed?
    • How does illness and healing expand my view of what's possible?

    Through discussion, readings, creative expression, movement, meditation and guided imagery, we'll dive deep into these topics and many more to help individuals better understand their bodies, emotions, thoughts and spirituality.

    The Healing Journey allows participants process their experience within a safe and life-affirming environment. Individuals leave the program with a deeper connection to their wholeness, as well as a greater sense of community and possibility.

    For more information about the Healing Journey program, schedule a complimentary 20-minute Zoom or phone consultation with Liz.