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  • Ready to make an
    inspired choice?

    Get my FREE guided meditation
    and start your journey.

  • In the Media

    Liz is a seasoned speaker and a go-to resource for media seeking a unique perspective on personal growth. Click on the following links to see examples of Liz in action:


    Liz Discusses:

    • how getting in our own way is the hardest part of an emotional hit
    • that realizing nothing would change in her marriage was Liz’s motivator for shifting her thinking
    • any repetitive reaction is worth exploring

    on The Crave More Life Roadshow

    Click here to listen



    An essay by Liz was published in May 2020 in the book: “Coronavirus Collective: Messages of Love, Light, and Hope”.

    The best part about this book is that 100% of the profits will be donated to a selection of charitable organizations that together are helping to feed the hungry, provide fresh water to the impoverished, protect the innocent from the devastating effects of human trafficking, and spread their message of hope and light to the world. (So, buy a lot of copies! We have a lot of work to do!)

    You can buy the book now on Amazon



    Liz Discusses why being present in the moment makes your communication awesome, Josh Scharf talks about trade during the COVID-19 crisis and a-lot more exciting information about new inventions and businesses.



    Liz and Melanie Hastings on set the of ABC7

    Liz Discusses Your Inspired Choices Retreats on ABC 7 News

    Segment: “Let’s Talk Live: A New Look at How You can Travel
    Watch the Video




    Liz Discusses the Divine Feminine on Blog Talk Radio
    Show: Conversations with Dennis Tardan



    Are you seeking a speaker or subject matter expert? If you would like to schedule an interview with Liz or book her for a speaking engagement, please get in touch via our contact page.

    Liz’s topics include:

    · Archetypes as a Tool for Personal Growth
    · Integrated Healing from Illness
    · Travel as a Path to the Authentic Self
    · Creativity and Art Therapy in Healing, Growth and Spiritual Development
    · Bringing Mindfulness to Therapy