Ready to make an
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  • Ready to make an
    inspired choice?

    Get my FREE guided meditation
    and start your journey.

  • Meet Liz

    Inspired Choices Founder and CEO, Liz Goll Lerner,

    As a psychotherapist, life coach and art therapist, Liz is known for getting results through gentle encouragement, creative techniques, sensitivity and compassion.

    Her ability to swiftly identify core issues and facilitate the “ah-ha” moment, empowers her clients to heal and to take action in new and profound ways.

    Above all, Liz is committed to counseling and coaching each client as a whole person — mind, body and spirit — helping those she works with meet their full potential by connecting with their heart’s purpose, putting that purpose into action and healing what may be in the way of growth.

    With over 30 years in practice, Liz is a thought leader in the fields of counseling and coaching and has developed numerous highly respected programs for both her own practice and for health centers across the nation.

    In particular, she:

    • Pioneered Art Therapy practice in Seattle, WA.
    • Innovated programs for sexually abused adolescents and women molested as children for Barclay Hospital, Chicago, IL.
    • Instituted Family Art Evaluations and Family Art Therapy, also for Barclay Hospital, Chicago, IL.
    • Developed the expressive therapy program for children and adolescents at Northwestern University Medical Center, Chicago, IL.
    • Created ground-breaking psycho-educational programs that incorporate meditation, mindfulness, creative expression, intellectual stimulation and group experience to help participants embrace the fullness of being.

    Liz has also developed multiple programs based on archetypes and her Goddess Archetype Workshops, along with her national and international personal growth retreats, have been helping people transform their lives for over 20 years.

    A sought-after speaker and subject matter expert, Liz has been featured on ABC TV, BlogTalk Radio and her program, The Healing Journey, is published in Facing Death – Art Therapy and Cancer Care. She is also one of Psychology Today’s verified therapists.

    Her ability to draw upon this breadth and depth of experience in helping others connect with their whole selves is one of her key gifts.

    Liz earned her BA in Anthropology and her MA in Art Therapy at George Washington University with practicum work at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Children’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. She stays abreast of her field by attending a wide range of continuing education courses and is driven to find the best resources and new techniques to bring back to her clients.

    Are you ready for an experienced counselor or coach who can help you truly embrace and heal your whole self? To get started, simply schedule your complimentary 20-minute Skype or phone consultation with Liz or contact her directly.