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  • Divorce Well and Thrive®

    “I recently completed Liz Lerner’s “Divorce Well” program and highly recommend it to others interested in moving forward from their marriages. Liz taught me tools to handle the emotions and triggers that challenged me so that I can be an effective advocate for my son. Her approach was very empowering and healing. I hope others are able to benefit from Liz Lerner’s expertise and professionalism.”
    –I.C. Washington, DC

    Dealing with Divorce – A Different Approach

    Dealing with divorce or separation is difficult for everyone involved, and the typical approach to divorce often makes it harder.

    That’s why so many couples are seeking out ways to do it differently.

    Divorce Well and Thrive® counseling and coaching is an approach to separation and divorce that helps individuals or couples:

    • Make clear and confident decisions
    • Reduce stress and conflict
    • Protect children from endless arguments
    • Act from their best selves and communicate with respect
    • Create a strong structure to support a new way of life

    In short, Divorce Well and Thrive® counseling and coaching offers a way to part in a caring and healthy manner that creates connection, healing and renewal.

    My method of working with couples dealing with divorce is grounded in 30+ years of experience as a psychotherapist and coach, and I’m additionally trained in specific methods of couple’s therapy and collaborative divorce.

    I will help you go through the process of separation or divorce with dignity, mindfulness, compassion and clear thinking – avoiding the common consequences of traditional approaches to separation and divorce in order to create a more positive outcome.

    In fact, the work we do together will help you create a stronger and healthier relationship, even if your partner doesn’t go through the Divorce Well and Thrive process with you.

    Together, we will create a plan of action that’s specific to your situation and that focuses on areas critical to divorcing well, such as:

    • Navigating the powerful feelings
    • Helping your children by using focused parenting skills related to divorce
    • Taking action from a place of clarity and confidence
    • Practicing self-care
    • Creating your vision for what’s next in your life

    Are you ready to Divorce Well and Thrive®?

    I work with individuals and couples in person and by phone, and together we’ll decide whether a counseling or coaching approach to divorcing well will be best for you.

    To learn more schedule a complimentary consultation or call 202-827-3448 to set up your first session.

    Liz has completed Level2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.  She is also a past board member of IACP International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, DCACP DC Association of Collaborative Professionals and is trained in Collaborative Divorce.