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  • Ready to make an
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  • Enlightened Communication through Luminous Living

    Enlightened Communication is the key to having the most successful relationships and achieving your goals even in the most high stakes situations.

    My name is Liz Goll Lerner. I have been working with people in the field of communication for 39 years helping individuals, coules, and CEO’s have their most successful conversations from the bedroom to the board room.

    How? First let’s look at the why.

    Most conversations are not truly what we want them to be. We think we are present to the person we are speaking with, but we are in our heads planning what we will say or thinking about the next thing we have to do. Worse, we get triggered by something they said, and our emotions get the best of us and we speak before we even know what came out of our mouths.

    So, communication isn’t just about what we say and getting it right… it’s about knowing what’s going on inside and how to be the master of your ship, so you have the most joy and the most success in all areas of your life.

    Big ask?

    That’s why I created Enlightened Communication through Luminous Living.

    Learn about the parts of yourself that vie for attention and ARE your champion or your saboteur. 

    Find out how easy it is to actually be present in the moment so instead of reacting you choose what’s next. And have fun doing it.

     In this course you will:


    • Learn how to Create Sacred Space
    • Be introduced to the 12 archetypes that shape our inner worlds.
    • Begin to know and grow your Central Core Self (CCS) that brings you mastery in all your activities of life.
    • Learn the Quantum Presence Technique™ (QPT) which will assist you in being present in the moment in order to gain mastery over emotional reactivity and be truly present in each moment of your life.

    In each module we will deeply explore each archetype, such as our Protector, our Nurturer, our Connector, our Scribe, with focus on the CCS™, the QPT™. Special focus will be paid to the champion and saboteur aspects of each archetype, their relationship with the Central Core Self, and how each archetype operates in specific areas of life effecting communication and relationship. Integrative solutions will be taught to afford the participants the best outcomes in all life situations, particularly high stress or high stakes conversations from the bedroom to the boardroom.

    The final Module is a celebration the knowledge gained and identifies the true integration, awareness and mastery that you have achieved.

    In Level 2 you will:


    Continue this in-depth training with focus on CCS™ mastery in relation to the integration of all archetypes in 5 specific areas of life: Relationship with Self; Family, Significant Other, Work, Outside World, culminating in deep self-knowledge and increased ability to eliminate emotional reactivity and live a more joyful, and confident life.

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    Coach Certification

    If you are a licensed coach with 3-5 years’ experience and are interested in becoming a certified ECLL coach or master trainer click here or contact me