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  • Enlightened Communication through Luminous Living
    Coach Certification

     In this course you will:

    • Learn how to Create Sacred Space
    • Be introduced to the 12 archetypes that shape our inner worlds.
    • Begin to know and grow your Central Core Self (CCS) that brings you mastery in all your activities of life.
    • Learn the Quantum Presence Technique™ (QPT) which will assist you in being present in the moment in order to gain mastery over emotional reactivity and be truly present in each moment of your life.
    • Focus on the 11 Core Competencies during the teaching of each module.
    Coach Trainees will be given all the tools, methods and opportunities to personally integrate this work and to practice teaching the ECLL method in order to become certified to teach ECLL to their own clients. The 11 Core Competencies will be thoroughly explained during the introduction session and be referred to throughout the course.
    In each module we will deeply explore each archetype, such as our Protector, our Nurturer, our Connector, our Scribe, with focus on the CCS, the QPT™. Special focus will be paid to the champion and saboteur aspects of each archetype, their relationship with the Central Core Self, and how each archetype operates in specific areas of life effecting communication and relationship. Integrative solutions will be taught to afford the participants the best outcomes in all life situations, particularly high stress or high stakes conversations from the bedroom to the boardroom.
    The final Module 13 celebrates the knowledge gained and identifies the true integration, awareness and mastery that has taken place through the previous 12 weeks.

    In Level 2 you will:

    Continue this in depth training with focus on  CCS™ mastery in relation to the integration of all archetypes in 5 specific areas of life: Relationship with Self; Family, Significant Other, Work, Outside World, culminating in deep self-knowledge and increased ability to eliminate emotional reactivity and live a more joyful, and confident life. 

    Coach trainees will master all tools, techniques and methods in order to successfully teach the ECLL model.

    Core Competencies:  54
    *Resource Development:  43.5

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