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  • Ready to make an
    inspired choice?

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  • Martha did WHAT?

    A few days ago, I woke up early and was scrolling NY Times articles and came upon Martha Stewart on the cover of Sport’s Illustrated. WOW! I was definitely intrigued to say the least. Why? What? How? Reading about her mindset around doing this at 81 was fascinating and inspiring.

    Now, I am not in my 80’s but lots of folks I speak with, particularly women, including myself are noticing and focused on what getting older means. There are so many ways to experience aging.

    The experience of the passage of time in the body, mind, and spirit. Such as:

    • Living the way in which one feels rather than by the year of their birth.
    • Fighting it with cosmetic surgeries.
    • Resistant attitudes- which deflate rather than enhance a sense of self.
    • Staying active, eating healthily in order to remain as physically flexible as possible.
    • Doing the same to stay mentally and spiritually flexible.

    To name just a few.

    Martha, if I may call her Martha, had some interesting answers to both serious and frivolous questions. My favorite:

    “Are you posing in a swimsuit to counter an image that once seemed starchy, even downright intimidating? Are you rebranding?

    No, this is part of my ongoing self-creation — I call it education. One of my mottos for many years has been, when you’re through changing, you’re through.”

    Martha, I totally agree!

    My motto: Enjoy every day. If that’s a stretch, find one thing, one piece of art, one tree, one comment, one article, one cartoon, one person that inspires you.

    If you’re feeling self-critical, reframe. Instead of something you don’t like, find one attribute you do appreciate.

    Decide to have a positive moment. They add up.

    I’d love to know your ideas of how you bring change, growth, or simply a feel-good moment into your day, into the process of changing, or the process of aging.

    Sometimes it’s a struggle but embracing the moment keeps me feeling ageless.

    Find another meaningful article quote, my thoughts about it, and the NY Times link below this fun image of Martha and me.

    “I can do this. I don’t have to give into convention.” 

    Martha’s quote is a great reminder that we shape our own journey by exploring new possibilities, embracing change, and defying the stereotypes associated with growing older. When we approach each day with a sense of purpose and a willingness to break free from expectations, we are free to celebrate the richness of our experiences. 

    Photo: Liz Goll Lerner with Martha Stewart. It was lovely to have Martha share her pearls of wisdom on life during this Carnegie Hall event a few years ago.

    Click here to read more of Martha’s interview.

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